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Terms and Conditions

Participants must agree to all of the Terms and Conditions listed below in order to attend the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshops.

I agree not to share any personal information, experiences, stories, or case studies in the workshop since the content may be inappropriate or triggering for participants to hear in this workshop.

I understand that the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshop is strictly educational and non-therapeutic; thus, the workshop is not meant to be a replacement or substitute for therapy.

I understand that there will be NO sex education in the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshops. It will only be limited to the definition of child sexual abuse.

I agree that the child(ren) who I am registering to attend the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshop have no cognitive limitations, developmental delays or special needs that I am aware of otherwise I will discuss with Talk with Grace for alternative services that would be more suitable to the child's needs.

I agree to keep all information private and confidential that is shared between the participants. I agree that Talk with Grace will assume no liability or responsibility for the failure of participants who do not comply with this condition, so I will self-monitor what I and child(ren) participants choose to share.

I understand the limits of confidentiality. Conversations in the workshop will be keep private and confidential by the staff at Talk with Grace except in a case where (1.) a disclosure of child abuse and neglect is reported. Under the Ontario law, every individual (this does not only apply to professionals but to all adults) has a duty to report any suspected child abuse and/or neglect to the Children's Aid Society; (2.) a participant or an individual (even if he/she/they is not in the workshop) is in immediate harm or imminent danger.

A requirement to join the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshop is the presence of at least 1 child, so I agree to have video (webcam) turned on since this will be an interactive workshop with the child registrant and Talk with Grace staff. This is similar to virtual school where the student and teacher are able to see and talk with each other. I understand that my failure to turn on the video during the workshop can result in my removal in the workshop. I understand that I will also not be eligible for any refund or future credit.

I agree NOT to share, copy, audio, video, photograph, stream, distribute, or otherwise record any material from the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshops. All material is copyrighted and any distribution or sharing is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action upon breech of this condition.

I understand and acknowledge that Talk with Grace assumes no responsibility or liability as a result of a child being sexually abused after attending the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshop. The workshop cannot guarantee that a child who takes this workshop will never be sexually abused. Similarly, to children who learn about fire safety that just because they know what to do in a fire, no one can guarantee that they will never be in a fire situation. I hereby agree that Talk with Grace will not be responsible for any future harm or injury that myself or child(ren) participants may experience or encounter in the future.

I understand and acknowledge that as participants (parent or caregiver and child(ren) in the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshop there are certain risks of triggering emotions from the past. I hereby agree that Talk with Grace will not be responsible for any emotional or psychology harm or injury however caused, arising out of the participation of the workshop and hereby release Talk with Grace from any claims or proceedings, actions, damages, costs or expenses of any kind or nature whatsoever incurred directly or indirectly out of the participation of services from Talk with Grace.

Talk with Grace has the right to refuse service to anyone, without prior notice, who interfere with the safety and well-being of other participants and staff. This includes, but is not limited to, obscenities and profanity, harassment of any kind, inappropriate sexualized comments or behaviours. Refusal of service shall never be based on race or color, National origin or citizenship status, religion or creed, sex, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, political affiliations or activities.

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