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Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Workshop

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Every single child deserves to grow up without experiencing sexual abuse.  Unfortunately, it's estimated that 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 7 boys will experience some form of sexual abuse before they reach 18 years old.  The reality is that the majority of children are sexually abused by someone that they know, and that the abuse often continues on average for many months and even years!  Usually the sexual abuse will continue to happen simply because no one has ever talked to the child about sexual abuse so the child does not know what to do.
We totally understand how most parents would be uncomfortable, confused, nervous, and/or anxious to talk to their children about sexual abuse, so ​Talk with Grace provides a simple solution!  Let us do all the work for you by teaching both you and your child the facts about sexual abuse; who are the sexual abusers; who are victims; the tricks, lies, threats that abusers use on children to keep them from telling anyone about the abuse; how children can get away if they are being sexually abused; who to tell; what to do in other unsafe situations, and so much more!!! 
Some parents might give their own advice to their children thinking that it will be enough to protect them from being sexually abused.  Words are pretty powerful to kids and can have the opposite effect.   For instance, an adult may tell a child "tell me if a stranger touches you" but since most child sexual abusers will be someone that the child and/or parent knows then the child will often be confused and not know what to do when the abuser turns out to be someone that he/she knows.  
Similarly, "don't let anyone touch you" or "just say no" are commonly told to children.  So if a child is sexually abused, then these comments could actually cause that child to feel guilty or responsible for not being able to stop the abuse.  The reality is that the abuser knows that the child does not want to be abused, and a child simply saying "no" will not change the abuser's actions.  Furthermore, some children may think that they will get into trouble or be blamed for not being able to stop the abuse, so thus, children will often keep the abuse a secret and never tell anyone. 
So the language that you use to teach your child about sexual abuse matters, and saying misguided but well intended advice could inadvertently cause your child to keep sexual abuse a secret from you!!  Without proper child sexual abuse education from an expert in the field, most children are incapable of knowing what to do if they are being sexually abused, and/or will easily fall victim to an abuser's manipulation, lies, and threats. 
The Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshop is virtual (via Google Meet) to allow children and parents/caregivers to attend in the safety and comfort of their homes.  The workshop is interactive, child friendly, and age appropriate.  Don’t worry we do not teach children about sex.  This is not a sex education course.  The way we describe sexual abuse to the kids and parents/caregivers is very limited to when someone touches a child’s private parts or someone makes a child touch someone else’s private parts.  We will teach the names of the private parts but no sex education is explained or even discussed. 
If you are even too nervous to explain to your child about this workshop, then simply tell your child that you enrolled in an important safety life skill workshop (which it is), and just show up and let us explain what the workshop is all about and what everyone will be learning. 
Parents who have taken our Child Sexual Abuse Awareness workshop tell us all the time of how surprised that they were comfortable in learning and talking about sexual abuse together with their children without feeling awkward, embarrassed, or nervous.  This workshop will open up the lines of communication between you and your child about sexual abuse, so don't put off teaching your child about sexual abuse any longer.  Please contact us to register and find out the dates/times of our next workshop. 
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$150 CAD for the 2 hour workshop which includes the cost for 1 child and up to a maximum of 2 adults (parents/caregiver).  To register more children in the same workshop, there is an additional fee of $30 per child up to a maximum of 4 children per family.


The 2 hour workshop is held on two separate days for 1 hour each.  This design will allow children to stay engaged and retain the information better.  Space is limited in each month, so please contact us for dates/times and to register. 


This workshop is intended for children and their parents or caregivers.  If no child is present in the workshop, then that adult will be removed from joining the workshop.  Parents/caregivers do not have to be present or participate with their child, but it is strongly recommended that they attend and learn with their child.


Children must be between the ages of 6-12 years old in order to benefit from our workshops.  Children under 6 years old most likely will be unable to grasp the concepts, so please wait until they are age appropriate.  For children over 12 years old or who have a developmental delay or special needs, please contact us to discuss other services and fees. 


This is a class workshop and each workshop is limited to a small number of families who will be participating in the same workshop as you.  Similar to online school, you will be able to see the instructor and all the participants and they will be able to see you.   


The online workshop uses Google Meet virtual group conference.  Video participation is expected so you will need access to a webcam to participate in this workshop.  A private link will be sent to your email to only allow your registered email access to join the workshop. 

Click here to read testimonials from our workshop participants.


All participants must agree to our Terms and Conditions in order to attend the workshops.

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