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Workshop Testimonials

"I enrolled my daughter for the sexual abuse workshop with Grace. At the beginning I was not sure how the session would be like as I haven't attended the workshops of this kind earlier. This session was subtle and engaging without scaring the kids or making them nervous. It educated even the parents. The session was fun-filled and encouraging by making kids play games. At the end of session kids were handed their certificate which made them little achievers. Thanks a lot Grace for carrying out this sensitive topic in a such a fun-filled way. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the session."

By: Divya Pingali

"What an incredible, highly valuable workshop! I will definitely sign up to do it again just to enforce the learnings. I was worried at first of my 7-year-old daughter hearing the words “sexual abuse” because she doesn’t know anything about sex or pleasure, but Grace did such an amazing job of explaining “sexual abuse” as just a term (never mentioning anything related to sex or pleasure) that my daughter now recognizes and that I am now comfortable discussing with her. I am so glad my daughter knows what’s right and what’s wrong, red flags to look out for, who to watch out for, and what to do if she or a friend is ever in a challenging situation. I wish this was mandatory learning for all children! I feel confident that the knowledge Grace shared in a fun, comfortable, engaging environment will help keep my daughter safe."

By: Sarah W.


"I liked Miss Grace’s workshop. I learned how to look out for little danger alarms, and I feel like I know what to do to keep myself safe."

By: Tara, 8 years old

"Having an only child, I knew my 6 year old son should attend this workshop. I felt it was especially important before he went to day camp where he’d be without his usual group of friends, teachers or family members. So despite my initial fears of him being exposed to content of a sexual nature, we signed up. 


Grace's professionalism as a child therapist made such a difference. She took a subject that’s horrific to most parents, and presented it in a way that was age appropriate and easy to understand. She really engaged us all in learning too! I expected this workshop would give us clear and concrete information about what child sexual abuse is, and what to do. But it also gave us a great launch pad for future conversations! Now, before we start a new after-school activity, I ask my son if he remembers what to do if he’s made to feel uncomfortable, and we go over some of our learnings from the workshop. Could not be happier about making this investment for our child! Thanks Grace."  

By: Taniqua   

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